Thursday, January 25, 2018

Book Updates

An update on my production line, due to the fact I generally don't announce or talk about anything until it's good and ready. This list is split between Announced and Unannounced projects. Since I'm superstitious of talking about books, they are all given PROJECT names, unless they are sequels.

Announced Titles:

Phantom Lights MANUSCRIPT - 90% complete.

Wildstar: Forever Wanderers Omnibus - 60% complete. (Note: W:FW is a compilation of all current Wildstar stories. The last title to be added is Phantom Lights. I will be going back and making some tweaks to Led Astray, Knighthood, Dead Hunt, and Rivalry based on feedback from reviews. These changes will be minor, more or less making it easier to distinguish dialogue between characters.)

Unannounced Titles:

Wildstar Book 2 OUTLINE - 15% complete. (Originally, the outline was 70% complete, but that version was scrapped. This new take will be completed much faster than before.)

Wildstar Book 3 OUTLINE - 20% complete.

Fragile Nights Sequel OUTLINE - 3% complete. (This one isn't being rushed. Expect a long development.)

PROJECT: Stitches MANUSCRIPT - 30% complete.