Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Frost Release and Winter Update

Today is the release of Frost, Episode 5 of Wildstar! It's been a very busy 2017 in a lot of ways.

Cannibalism in the frozen wilds

In the quiet town of Alkidon, murder takes place at the same time as the Valkyrie Company arrives. Unsure of who in their ranks is responsible for these acts, Alana and Karlyn are hired to investigate.

Determined to clear their name, they are assisted by Gryphin Easton, a young captain of the company, and his wolf, Frost. The winter wilderness is more than it seems, and their prey has plans of their own. The Wildstar sisters will have to learn to trust others if they hope to make it to spring.

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Winter Update

Not all the news is good. In October, my car was hit in a head-on collision. The car was totaled and I go to physical therapy several times a week. This was the reason why Frost missed its October release date, and why the only blog updates are for charity. 

The winter update may not be happy, but there is hope! 

December's charity donation is going to the Alzheimer's Association. This is because book sales are up over last year, and the past few months have seen month-over-months sales. Readers like you value books that are not typical mainstream. Your support helps out so much. I've seen this on Barnes & Noble, Google Play, and especially Kobo. The Amazon exclusive ecosystem nearly choked out my stories last year. Reaching an even more diverse set of readers is the agenda for 2018! And with more readers, more charitable works ^_^

Things will continue to be slow. Even little bits of activity hurt my muscles the next day. Still. 

A new Wildstar story, Phantom Lights, is planned for Spring 2018. That will end the current arc of the series, and the Wildstar Book One Collection will follow shortly after that. 

Until then, I'll see you in the next blog post, very, very soon. :)