Wednesday, September 6, 2017

September Charity

Edit: Fuck it, all sales for the next week. Pick up whatever book I have that looks good to you.

Growing up in a Catholic household, volunteering got in my blood. I’m used to giving up a few hours to help with a breakfast, or organize and work in a food closet. Since life has made it more difficult to spend my IRL time, I’m changing up my author time to compensate.

The plan is, a book will be chosen for one week out of the month, and that week's profit is given to that month’s charity. A tab is on the top to show just how much money we brought in each time.

Rivalry (All the books) is selected for this week's charity. The charity is the Center for Disaster Philanthropy.

The reason I'm picking the Center for Disaster Philanthropy is because I remember what it was like to survive a hurricane. In 2004, South Florida was hit by Francis and Jeanne. For many years, Florida was not hit by a major hurricane, and our state government became lax. Our infrastructure was not in place to handle the storm.

My family did not have electricity for three weeks, and we were the lucky ones. Because the roads were blocked, the mosquito population couldn't be controlled, and boomed 400%. I remember those mosquitoes. Marshall law took place, and a hard curfew was put on the county. I vividly remember being in the car with my sister avoiding the police so we could get to her house because we ran out of clothes.

For years, someone we knew had a traffic light in their living room, because the lights were ripped from their posts. They're really big up close.

The reason I chose the Center for Disaster Philanthropy, instead of the Red Cross, is because Facebook switched all their donations to them. I've always liked the Red Cross, but right now, they're terribly mismanaged.

So, for the next week starting today, all sales of Rivalry (all of them) go to the Center for Disaster Philanthropy. You donate to charity, you get a book in the process. I think that's a pretty sweet deal. If you're interested in how much money will be raised at the end, look at the tab for Charity tab on the website in a week and a half (it can take 72 hours for sales to appear on certain retailers).

Updates may be infrequent as Hurricane Irma potentially hits South Florida. My house may or may not survive it. Depends, we'll see how things turn out.

Thank you for giving.

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