Sunday, September 3, 2017

Let's Talk Logan

I finally got a chance to watch a movie recently, and when I went to Redbox, I rented Logan.

What a great decision.

Now, everything to be said about Logan has been said about Logan. I'm going to try and avoid going over the many things that have been discussed.

Logan feels real.

The narrative is visceral. It limps across to the finish line, and it's glorious. The story has a heart all its own, and it feels like a real story. It's touching, it's mean, it's cynical, and optimistic. What makes Logan special is its confidence to be what it is, and there is good reasons to dislike it, but the viewer doesn't, because it's different; it's unique.

And uniqueness has an intrinsic value. Maybe not in a logical sense, but in a practical one. When we're surrounded by mediocrity, our soul is refreshed by creativity.

Perhaps I'm caught up in the hype, and that may be true. All I know is that Logan captured my attention in the loud and quiet moments. It surprised me the whole way through. It displayed that taking a chance is worth striving towards.

I had a good time. Not bad for a movie that started with Looney Tunes-esque special effects.