Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Know When To Stop Writing

 One last video giving my thoughts on the editing process, specifically knowing when to stop.

It's common sense, but some people just don't know when to quit their manuscript. I've known people who wrote and finished a book before my very first book, and it's still not released yet. To this day, they are still editing it, and getting feedback, and really they're just moving around words.

Another common issue is the fact that writers learn when they write, and they learn even more when they edit; and it's actually impossible to implement every single thing they learned back into the manuscript. Because of this, every project is flawed to some degree, but it's only a negative if the writer allows it to be. Hey, you didn't get to do everything you wanted in the way you wanted it. That's fine, at least there is something out there that was made. Take everything you learned and improve the next project; it can only get better from here

My current projects are better than my previous ones, and the WIP are better than what I have, and the stuff I'm outlining is really doing what I wanted to do all along. So don't worry, only good stuff awaits.