Tuesday, December 15, 2015

7 Rules for Writers

Now and Forever: Somewhere a Band is Playing & Leviathian '99

This is an older article written after Ray Bradbury's passing. I remember reading it three years ago, and somehow I came across it again the other week. It's a phenomenal gathering of points made by him in his book, Zen in the Art of Writing.

I've been a Ray Bradbury fan for as long as I can remember. An interview with him has been posted twice on this blog, and it ran through my mind about posting it again, as it is that good. You know what? A link is just as good.

When I was a kid I loved The Halloween Tree. And who didn't? It won an Emmy. Thankfully the school system is full of redundancies, so I read Fahrenheit 451 several times for classes, and I think Something Wicked This Way Comes, or I may have picked it up at the school library.  

Currently I have Now and Forever: Somewhere a Band is Playing & Leviathian '99 always on hand. The first story, Somewhere a Band is Playing, is one of my absolute favorites, easily within the top five stories for me.

Today I just wanted to share some more Ray Bradbury for the holidays.