Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Wildstar Talk

So we should talk about Wildstar, huh?

This is a series that may seem it just popped into existence the past few months, but has been around for much longer. The rough concept of Wildstar came about last NaNoWriMo, and even that's a bit of a lie. The initial concept has been with me for years.

I had ideas for a more adventure-centric story. The idea morphed from an individual, to two brothers, to two friends caught in a bad situation, back to two brothers, and this is where is went back and forth in development hell.

Last NaNoWriMo I returned to the concept of two brothers who act as bounty hunters to pay their way to their goal. And to be honest, the first half of the month the story floundered. That's typical for NaNo, which I use to reflect on ideas. It wasn't until the last ten days or so where the idea of a series of novellas chronicling their adventures came into play.

So I wrote and wrote and wrote, and then I stopped. Something about the idea just wasn't clicking. Stories were outlined, some of them being written, but it was missing the magical spark to get me truly invested. I pegged it down to the fact I stuck with the story and characters for so long that I grew bored of them. Repetition equals familiarity.

It was around this January when I found what I needed, a genderswap. The two brothers became two sisters, and even though they exhibit many of the same outward aspects of the characters, it felt new enough to get me back into writing. I can't say where the idea of a genderswap even came in. I must have had a stream of consciousness thing going on and stumbled upon that as a solution. 

Maybe it's because my default protagonists are women. I don't know.

The point is I was back on the Wildstar train. So where did the series name, Wildstar come from? Originally the series was titled, World Travelers, but it felt so bland. It had no emotion or personality. The name Wildstar came from the last name of rival bounty hunters in a future story set to release next year, and I liked it so much I snatched it away from them. At this point Alana and Karlyn didn't have a last name, and Wildstar sounded damn cool.

The saving grace with Wildstar is the stories are all novella length. I'm not someone who likes to write long-winded and convoluted plots for worldbuilding. No one has time for that, least of all me.

Right now I'm in experimentation mode. Season one of Wildstar will go as planned, and based on reviews and feedback on the stories season two can change. Each season is six stories, so their size makes it easy to plan them out and create quickly.

I do enjoy the lighter tone from The Way of Wolves, so I hope for the best. It's all about putting work out there for people to see.