Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Getting Things In Order

This may get lost in the NaNoWriMo shuffle, but who cares? Certainly not this guy.

I've hit a big breakthrough on my NaNoWriMo schedule, so I've been very energized since the weekend. It's been a pretty great feeling. No other month let's me run this kind of high.

First on the to-do list is this website. This ship hasn't been updated for well over a year. It's time for change. I'm going to spruce the place up, fix some links, spruce up those links. There's a lot of cleaning and tidying going on at this end of the computer.

Once all the writing work wraps up, I'll have time to start focusing on marketing. Marketing aka spending time on social media for promotions. As a digital author, being online is very important, and something I've been ignoring. Going to physical conferences and conventions is all well and good, but let's be honest, that's the old way of doing things. There are a lot of roadblocks to indies who go that route. I don't have time for it. I'd rather spend time writing and giving out more stories.

My hypothesis is in today's age authors don't have to go through the trouble of book signings. Some survive on it. I understand and sympathize. Their sales are directly correlated to how often they're out meeting and greeting people. I don't believe that to be the case, so starting January I'll be working my stuff and seeing if things pan out.

I mean, of course authors make the digital thing work, but so much of the general advice doesn't take it into account, especially for new authors clawing their way up.

That's going to be it for the quick update on website stuff. Expect the general look to change in the next month.