Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Day 18: NaNoWriMo

Eighteen days. Woof.

Instead of writing something inspirational (which I hope you find inspirational or at least relatable),  I'm giving you more tools to help break up the routine.

This is a pretty well known one. If you haven't used it, it simulates the background noise of a coffee shop. Working in silence can be daunting for a lot of people, so this is a neat way to get out of the house while staying at home. 

Endless Video
Endless video is a YouTube looper. Any video inputted to Endless Video will repeat indefinitely. I like to use ambient music for this program. Anything with lyrics causes me to listen, which averts my attention and breaks my focus. Classical music is perfect for here. Find a nice piece you really enjoy and start writing to the rhythm.

Rainy Mood
Another well known program. Rainy Mood will give you the ambient sounds of raining hitting against the window without the need for a cloud in the sky. I live in an area where it doesn't rain too often, so listening to rainy mood is usually good enough to put my mind in a different place. It's also much better than sitting around waiting for it to rain outside to start writing.