Sunday, November 1, 2015

Day 1: NaNoWriMo

Welcome everyone to the first day of NaNoWriMo!

This is the big month for writers. We get to openly express our writing, we get to openly share what we are writing, and we get to meet other writers all month long. It's a bit of a hectic month, but in a good way. We get to be busy doing what we love.

Part of my NaNoWriMo workload is a new blog post every single day. I first started doing a new blog post last year, as a creative way to challenge myself throughout the month. It was challenging to come up with 30 different topics, doing my best to avoid repetition. Somehow I did it, and it was a lot of fun.

All NaNoWriMo posts will be under the NaNoWriMo tab, so if you want to see last year's posts, or find NaNoWriMo posts easier in this blog, just click it.

I've done the NaNoWriMo thing for about three years now. The one thing I've learned is to respect the workload. 50,000 words is very doable, but if we don't prepare and pace yourself you'll barely scratch half that number by the end of the month. That's 25,000 words, less than 1000 written per day. I know because I have experience with it.

So have a new post every day just for NaNoWriMo. There will be posts, and videos, and more articles. Anything and everything to help us survive to the end of the month.

I also believe in recycling, and what better way to recycle than to show Tomska's "How To YouTube" video back again! I think he's a pretty cool guy. The video may pertain to content creation on YouTube, but I believe writers can gain a lot of insight as well. Just replace watching videos with reading books. You're going to have to get creative with it.

Anyway, new posts every day. I'll see you all tomorrow.