Wednesday, September 30, 2015

SFSE 2015: Recap

After collecting myself for two days, it's time to talk SFSE 2015. I met some awesome people while attending the convention, so I wanted to give some shoutouts and links to the nicest and friendliest people around.

Dean Lappi

Dean came to the convention from Chicago, and we met when traffic slowed down in the vendors' room. We met on the first night once traffic to the vendor room went quiet, and then bought each others books. Dean's a real nice guy, and check out that cover at the top of the page. Looks damn cool. It can be hard to find other adult dark fantasy writers out there, so I recommend checking his stuff out.

Here is the description of his first dark fantasy series, Black Numbers:

In a land where true magic is based on the rare ability to use advanced mathematics to affect the physical world, those who can control such powers are part of a secret organization known as the Oblate. Over the millennia, they have directed the Korpor, a violent and sexual creature, to roam the land and search for the Aleph Null, the one prophesied to control the mysterious Black Numbers, a power beyond anything ever seen in the land. Sid’s awakening sexuality and genius-level mastery of mathematics puts him on a collision course with the Korpor and the Oblate, and he soon finds himself on the run from powerful and mysterious forces intent on controlling him and his powers. His journey propels him to the center of an ancient struggle that he cannot understand and wants no part of. But he is not alone, for the friendships that he forges along the way help him to navigate the dark and chaotic road he must travel. Can Sid overcome the seductive darkness known as Black Numbers?

Check out his books, Black Numbers and Blood Numbers

One More Level Gaming

I met the OMLgaming crew as attendees. Mike and Rae graciously visited me all weekend as I was at my table from morning until night. We talked books, gaming and streaming; all things I love. It was very fun meeting them, and I hope you check out their stuff.

Find their YouTube channel over at One More Level Gaming. I know you like the video gaemz. 

Elyse Reyes

I'll have to admit, I didn't meet Elyse initially, but my friend Berti Walker did and introduced us. The three of us took advantage of the free drink passes Saturday night. There were very few topics we didn't cover in our stream of consciousness rambling. We completely had that awkward, "Goodbye!" and ended up running into each other about a dozen times. We have fun around these here parts.

Her website is right over here.

Crossroad Reviews

I met Jessica from Crossroad Reviews when she came over to my table, as well as attended the one panel I went to. I'm pretty sure I never saw her stop all weekend. She was going back and forth and back again. If I did that much running around, I'd still be sleeping right now.

If you're interested in a review outlet, go to the Crossroad Reviews website!

Tof Eklund

While I haven't necessarily met Tof before, we both did go to the Florida Writers Association Conference last year. Tof is a very enthusiastic and easy person to start talking with. In fact, the only person I talked to who about the Hugo puppies, which I imagined would get a little more chatter in the conference, if in passing. Tof also kept busy during the weekend, but we managed to exchange some books and talk on the final day.

Here's a link to Eklund's website to find more stuff.

Ricardo Chevere

Ricardo was one of the most passionate people I met at the conference. It's always invigorating to meet someone who has as much interest and respect as he does. Both of us being fantasy authors helped out too.

Here is Ricardo's Amazon page, but he has books for sale pretty much anywhere. 

There is plenty more people who I'm forgetting. Some of them took my card and I in my haze never grabbed theirs, or we never got a chance to meet before leaving. Anyways, it was a lot of fun this past weekend. I wore my Breaking Bad Los Pollos Hermanos shirt that made me friends, and someone recognized my Okami Amaterasu shirt. Cool people all around.

I'll do a separate post on my thoughts on the conference as a whole later, but I do want to say that SFSE 2015 was a quality production. Compared to my experience with the FWA Conference last year, SFSE 2015 was less than a quarter of the price that matched content 1 for 1. The conference was fun and focused at the same time, and the atmosphere was always positive.