Saturday, August 1, 2015

August Book News Explosion

Violence is a disease that will deaden the mind till it hollows.

Tyyr, a member of Valsair's secret enforcement, has gone into hiding. Her arm shattered and her consciousness damaged, she must stay out of sight until a storm of trouble passes. A danger is thriving in Valsair, and it's leaving a trail of bodies in its wake. The found corpses of two missing girls and a knight set Warden Zaka and his guardsmen on a mission to find the killer responsible.

In his journey, the Warden is at odds with a town of hunters who watch over themselves, and take the law into their own hands. At the heart of the matter is Tyyr. Each murdered girl bears her resemblance, and the more Warden Zaka investigates into this killer, the closer he reaches to Tyyr's secret, and her whereabouts.

Tyyr must do all she can to hold herself together and bury the crimes of her past, or else she'll meet her end through her stalker or those who seek justice for the blood she has spilled.

Releases in September 2015.

September release for The Hunt. It will come out that month, no exceptions. Why? Because it's finished. There is still some editing left to be done, but nothing will be stopping it from here on out.

Wildstar debuts October 2015

A new series appears! Wildstar is a series of stories following two sisters, Alana and Karlyn, who take jobs as bounty hunters and mercenaries to pay for their travels back home. As they try to find their path back home, they'll combat against threats such as disappearing villagers, cursed beasts, rival hunters, cannibals, and more. Each adventure will reveal more about who the sisters truly are and what secrets they're hiding away.

Some of you may remember I had a book reveal in March for Knighthood. That was Wildstar. This has been a project brewing for awhile, and I'm happy to also have a release schedule for some of these stories as well.

A string of disappearances has caused young women around the lands to vanish. A grief-stricken father hires two bounty hunters, Alana and Karlyn, to track the missing girls and rescue his daughter.

The sisters take the assignment, but are not prepared for the case they find, an idyllic village where the girls went willingly. Not all is what it seems, and Alana and Karlyn begin to suspect what trickery, Norwin, the village leader, and the sweet strums of his lute have done to create this illusionary world. There is a hunger waiting beneath the ground for them. They must figure it out before the secret of this utopia swallows them whole.

The first story in the Wildstar series, Led Astray, will release in October 2015.

The father of a squire hires two bounty hunters, Alana and Karlyn, to retrieve his son from a rigged contest. The Tournament of the Black Ring is a trial of the strongest warriors of the land, with the reward a guaranteed spot in the Black Guard as a knight. All it requires is a fight to the death, winner takes all.

As the sisters sign up to infiltrate the Black Guard, they notice the judges create unbalanced rules for those in their favor. The crowd cheers as the matches rage on. The coin flows as freely as the blood. Now they must find the squire before he, and themselves, are locked  in an unwinnable situation. 

 The second story in the Wildstar series, Knighthood, will release in November 2015.

After leaving a village when finishing a job, Alana and Karlyn find themselves lost in a mysterious forest. No matter what direction go, they stay in the same location. Under heavy fog, they discover an abandoned castle lost to the woods. They explore the ruins to find out they're not alone. Three meals stand out in the mess hall, one too hot, one too cold, and something not right.

Three monstrous creatures attack, and Alana and Karlyn barely escape with the help of the legendary huntress, Goldie de Locke. The forest is cursed, trapping them in a maze of brush and bones. The group has to solve the mystery of the castle and neverending forest, or else they'll become the next meal for the creatures that lurk these halls

 The third story in the Wildstar series, Dead Hunt, will release in December 2015.

Wildstar will run six books. The other three will be shown later in the year, so expect more cover reveals, descriptions, and release dates in the future.

After nearly two years of no new releases since The Dragon's Tear in November 2013, and an updated edition in December 2014, I'm beyond excited to have achieved the dream of consecutive month releases. I'll go into specifics to why there has been such a wait, but I want to say I never intended to seem like a one release author. The kind of author shows up and immediately disappears; no doubt having released Book 1 of a trilogy that will never conclude

The condensed version of what's taken so long? Extensive and numerous revisions to each and every story, as well as a few cancelled and shuffled projects.