Monday, July 20, 2015

Update on Books

An update on an update. What has my life come to?

There isn't much content to today's post, since a few things are still in motion and haven't settled. I was going to have multiple reveals for the releases this year, but I am turning it all into one gigantic post. August 1st will be the day.

It'll have release dates, covers, descriptions, and a whole lot of other things too. All the radio silence will be paying off. Most people seem to be surprised by the amount of work I've done on my own. And to be honest, so am I.

Rewrites, revisions, and course changes have been the norm for the past two years since The Dragon's Tear. I'm taking full creative control of The Hunt, for better or worse remains to be seen. I do enjoy that control, and with last year's second edition of The Dragon's Tear which added nearly 10k words to the manuscript, it would be safe to say I'm drunk with power.

A new series that will be announced as well on August 1st has scared me a little. It's a different kind of format and a different kind of storytelling.

There is a little more to the reveal, but I can't talk about anything quite yet. 2015 is a good year.