Friday, July 3, 2015

Review: Wild Seed

Written By: Octavia Butler
Available on: Amazon
As well as a bundle 

Wild Seed is a challenging read, for both good and bad reasons.

Let's talk bad, which mostly concerns itself with the plot. Several sections of the book feel forced, as if characters were making decisions not in their character, but to keep the idea of the plot alive. Maybe that's a bad way of putting it. Honestly, the plot itself isn't exciting or interesting.

The characters are the real highlight to Wild Seed.  Anyanwu, Doro and Isaac are the three major characters of the story. Given the story's nature of time and immortals, other characters exist in certain time periods and are replaced; an aspect I found fitting with Anyanwu's and Doro's loneliness with immortality.

The good of Wild Seed is that it challenges the reader in unexpected ways. It was a tough read in all ways, but mostly good. The diversity and depth of many of the themes are not always easy to take in, but they are fascinating to see.

My rating may seem out of line with the review, but don't be confused. While there may be parts that I found lacking with Wild Seed, at the end of the book, it was all incredible. One of my favorites, and I recommend the bundle which includes the rest of the Patternist series.

Five Stars