Sunday, July 5, 2015

Review: The Fiction Writer's Research Handbook

Written By: Mona McCormick
Rare Availability

As we can tell right away, this review is different from the usual. Usually, I have a link to a digital copy of the book I'm reviewing, and if that's not available (I've never run into this problem), then there are paperbacks to link. With The Fiction Writer's Research Handbook, no such listing exists. Amazon and Ebay have no record of this book in any form. I had to be the one to put this book on Goodreads and put in all information of its existence.

I was handed this book as a gift. I didn't pick this up from a store and found it by browsing Amazon, so I have no idea how others can easily find it. The image up above? Mine. The front and back cover actually snapped off on their own as I was putting it on my desk. Safe to say, it's kinda old.

So what's inside? Advice, obviously. I would say a majority of the book is how to navigate library directories to find other research resources. A book published in 1988, it's no surprise a search engine is never relied on.

The majority of the book is designed to assist the reader with finding the best quality research materials. Indexes, possible LCSH subject headings, general news sources, locating newspapers, guides, and much more is found in this book. Most subjects also have several paragraphs explaining the diverse uses the material can lend itself to.

It's a good book I wish I could share with others. Given the fact that I could not find any other information on this book, I don't expect many to run across it. I still wanted to share this on the blog, because I find it pretty darn cool.

Four Stars