Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Ello, a True Social Network

I do yearly blog posts about social media for writers. The reason I have to do a yearly post is that things change quickly. One year is different from the next as social media rise and fall constantly. What is hot one year is old fashion the next.

2015 is the worst year yet. I made a post about the negatives of being online, because a lot of shitbirds have made harassment and villainy a hobby. And in my upbeat post, I still mentioned I was looking into alternatives, because I was not happy with some of these platforms.

I can go on Twitter is rampant with abuse, of which the company does little about. Facebook is becoming more invasive every day. The takeaway is all the companies are the same in that they collect all the information from its users and sell them for profit. It's the reasons Promoted Tweets keep popping up, no matter how much we label them as spam. Search an item through a search engine, and now all the ads on Facebook are for it or similar items.

I'm not someone who deals with negative atmosphere very well. I actually don't deal with it. Life is too short to stick myself in awful places for no good reason whatsoever. I'm a positive person, so I like positive things.

So with no more patience for the noise, I looked elsewhere, and I found Ello. Ello is one of the new alternative social media websites I feel is worth embracing, because they've done a lot of cool stuff already.

First, the website is clean and ad free. Nothing will pop up in your feed that you never asked to see. My favorite part is the Friends feed and the Noise feed; again, clean and easy. I can keep in touch with people I want to talk to, and in another corner all the cool people who's content I was to see, but I don't necessarily want to always communicate with. I just want their content in front of my eyeballs. 

Ello doesn't collect its user's data and it never will. Ello is a Public Benefits Corporation. This means they legally can't stop following their promises to the user, which is never selling ads or user's data. And the Ello marketing team has been on point about this issue. Recently, they launched several ads on other social media that target specific users. Facebook and Twitter, they do this kind of thing with advertisers all the time, but Ello's campaign points out how creepy this data collection truly is. Gotta love the enthusiasm.

Ello is one of the few services whose focus is social, and not social to sell data. The website is no longer invite only, so jump right in and start an account.

My account can be found here.