Saturday, June 13, 2015

No Faith in Big Trouble in Little China Remake

I just have no faith in the Big Trouble in Little China news.

I think this is the first sign I'm becoming jaded and cynical with the world. Huh, am I getting old? Must be.

Remake craze has struck Big Trouble in Little China, and that sort of thing never used to bother me, since it can't erase the original from history; it can only expose more people to the movies. And we usually get a nice special edition re-release with more bonus features and whatnot. So this time the news fell flat. 

I don' see the current Hollywood climate making anything resembling the original. What makes the character of Jack Burton so great is that he's not the hero, the character Wang Chi is. Throughout the movie, Jack is constantly bumbling in the adventure. He can't do anything right, and the film walks a fine line laughing with and at Jack, and laughing at him in a well-mannered way and not in a malicious sense.

I'm wary that studios will have Dwayne Johnson play second-fiddle in a movie where he's the draw. I don't doubt his comedic chops, it's the script I'm worried about. Jack stumbles and bumbles along for the vast majority of the movie. He's not the efficient tough guy, and the studios will want him to be the tough guy. I see Johnson's Jack Burton as more resourceful, more contributing, more like Rick O'Connell from The Mummy series. and that's the opposite of Jack's entire character.

We already have plenty of pulp action heroes. Big Trouble in Little China subverts that trope for the better. It's a movie as excited to play into cliches as it is to make fun of them. It's fun, it's wacky, it's one of a kind.

If the movie turns out faithful and a passion project, good; I look forward to it. Honestly, I expect a standard and fun pulp adventure using a license for the over-the-top set pieces.