Saturday, April 18, 2015

Jumping Back Into Reviews

Reviews are coming back, sort of, because they never truly arrived. I actually promised to have regular reviews last year, which never ended up materializing. In fact, I had written a few that are buried beneath published and unpublished posts, just waiting to be released. I can't say exactly why I never posted them. I don't think I was ready to get back into a reading schedule, so I knew it would be less than sporadic.

My renewed use of Goodreads has brought me back to the reading world, so I want to take full advantage of the website and my own reading habit.

I'm interested in taking in an audio book or two a month. I work and commute constantly these days, so an audio book is a way for me to sneak an extra book into the rotation. Normally, I'm a slow reader; always have been. Nonfiction I can speed up, since they're bloated anyways. Fiction is something I like to enjoy, so my reading pace drops dramatically. What can take someone four hours to finish, it takes me ten or eleven.

Audio books have a set time they'll finish, and given my schedule, it should fit right in. Also, because of Audible with Brandon Sanderson's Legion: Skin Deep, Firefight: Reckoners, and Phillip Pullman's The Collectors, I've opened up to the world of audio books. I don't know all the intricacies yet, but I'm getting there.

My current reading ratio is two nonfiction books and one fiction. With this audiobook kick, I'll try squeezing in an extra piece of fiction every two weeks. Average week = 2 nonfiction, 1 fiction. Ideal week = 2 nonfiction, 2 fiction. 

Reviews will go up on Goodreads as either just a star score or a star score plus whatever I write here. The five star system is perfect and one of the best rating systems I've ever seen. The classic "One to Ten" system is broken, where people won't look at anything if it's not an 80 or higher. One to five is just right. I usually like to hit a star rating right after I finish a book. This is a raw feeling I want to put up, and in my written portion, I want to work backwards from that rating to the details.

It should be simple to copy and paste down the line, but as of right now, no promises. There will be two reviews slated for next week, and I think that will be the schedule; two reviews a week. It wouldn't always work, since then there will be lag, but it gives me a buffer for those weeks I focus on work and other things. I'll get an actual schedule sorted out in the future.

Next week. Two reviews. Be there. Or don't. Whatever.