Sunday, March 22, 2015

There Was A Post Here. It's Gone Now.

Outside of a great reference to Silent Hill 2, it is true, I removed a post that was scheduled for release. The article was on a publishing imprint that accrued quite a bit of controversy when it first came into business.

The imprint popped into my mind and I said, "Gee, whatever happened to that division? Did they finally work their way into good favor or did they die off?" and before I could forget that thought as I was making a delicious turkey and cheese sandwich, I searched online and found my answer.

I can't talk about it, or at least, talk specifics. As it turns out, the imprint suffered tremendously from the controversy (rightfully), and while it looked dead and abandoned, it wasn't. The parent company is paying employees to work, so their social media is strangely active. The imprint did release a few books last year, and have one planned for this year. That sounds good, right?

No. One of their major releases last year, and the sequel to it this year, is a collection of stories from the parent publishing company. Outside of that, two other books are by the same author, leaving less authors than fingers on a hand who released something in this imprint's entire existence. The short answer is, this imprint has been operating for a few years and has less than ten book releases, with no future releases announced. The Coming Soon page is literally blank.

The awkward position is if I release that post, I'm pretty sure that imprint will notice and not be pleasant. I had written the post thinking the imprint was defunct and was going to be used as a warning sign to authors. We live in a strange time, and publishers just don't know how to respond properly to a digital landscape.

The good news is it appears no one is submitting any of their books and signing with this imprint. I'm sure in a year or two a closure will be announced.

Other similar imprints have done better with double the amount of release or more, as well as actually having upcoming releases. Two of these have been merged together, giving them a much healthier exterior. I checked their Coming Soon page, and it was blank as well. And as a final piece, one book has rave reviews from well-known authors, and another has massive spelling errors in the description. Take that as you will.

I guess I'll keep that post under wraps until things clear out.