Sunday, March 15, 2015

Of Note (March 15th, 2015)

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The New World of Publishing: Top 10 Reasons Why I Would Never Publish Traditionally

I find Dean Wesley Smith's reasons for never going for a traditional publishing contract illuminating, especially points ten and the summary. There tends to be a disconnect with bookselling and publishers, when all publishers are are hard workers doing their job. 

Know What Your Rights Are Worth

After spending a few days on the relatively minor first rights on books, this article goes more in depth of just how important book rights should be treated by authors. I still find it mind-boggling how unconcerned so many authors are over their books value. It's all a mad rush to be picked up a publisher, and many will happily take a bad contract if it means representation. 

Scattershooting and Advice for New and Aspiring Authors
Three simple, if elusive, points to remember. A lot of authors don't seem to pay mind to the fundamentals, the joys of publishing, and fun of the experience. Sure, sometimes I forget as well, but at least it's momentarily. There is too much fun to be had.

The Self-Publishing Survey Results - It's A Brave New World

A nice survey on the on "some" statistical knowledge on the industry. And although this is from 2014, and statistics are wonky and fluffy, I like to gain a bit more insight to how things are running than staying in the relative dark.

A Raw Blog Post by Colleen Hoover

The title is accurate. Of all the writers and authors I've met, this story felt like the "normal" story. It was the first half I really related to, because that initial rush of excitement, whether from the writing or from the publishing, is real and everyone experiences it.

Kindle Unlimited Rules Illegal in France

This is a pretty big deal, even if it's not going to have as much of an affect outside of France. What this article means is no ebook subscription service can operate in France, so no Oyster, no Scribd. Whether it is music or television, the streaming and subscription services are going to be a part of our lives from now on. It'll be interesting to see what else is in store for the future.

Why Isn't My Self Published Book for Sale in Bookstores?

Stores don't pick up POD books, unless special ordered. I still don't understand some authors who are enamored by the idea of their local Barnes & Noble stocking copies of their book. Publishers still own print, and by extension, bookstores. I can't even think of a self-published success helped greatly by their print sales. 

7 Reasons Why a Schedule Makes You a Better Blogger 

I love being on a schedule. Two hours at this time. Another hour over here. It keeps me focused that I need a particular goal to be reached at a particular time.  I'm not the kind of person who is strict on those goals. As long as I'm in the general comfort zone of productivity, I'm content. I won't work overtime. There is too much to do in the day to concentrate solely on one aspect.

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