Friday, February 20, 2015

What Is In A Blog?

What is a blog, and how does one blog with confidence? This will be a weekend of blog advice, as I've heard a few people still wonder how to do this ol' blogging thing.

A blog is your own slice of the Internet, with the sole purpose as a billboard to express yourself. You probably already know this, and are internally screaming about what exactly that entails. Don't worry baby birds, you're just suffering from paralysis of too many options.

Two choices terrify us as people, everything and nothing. Nothing restricts our voice and our autonomy. We usually don't like that. We prefer the option to do anything, but, like, uhh, that's too much.

Don't like having too many options? Like having a specific goal and just the right amount of leeway to get it done? Tough. There are no standards for you to follow, you have to create them.

Asking someone to blog about their interests is as debilitating as asking them to give a speech. Remember these in high school and college speech classes, when the first assignment the teachers gives is to share something interesting about yourself to the class? That's sort of like your standard blog.

You worry that no one is going to like your posts. They'll think everything you say and hold dear is dumb. They'll throw digital rotten fruit your way. And you're dumb, you're dumb for thinking any of this.

Like the speech class, people are interesting in what you're passionate about. Sure, some sleep through it, but for the most part, your enthusiasm shines through regardless of speech-giving skills.

A blog isn't going to make itself. Today is the best day to get started.