Sunday, February 22, 2015

Weekend Musings: Over 10K Views!

February 10th, 2015, I passed 10,000 views on my website. That was a week and a half ago.

The first series of posts I was proud of was competitive multiplayer map strategies for 2013's Tomb Raider reboot. I loved that game. I beat the campaign three times and had invested countless hours into the multiplayer mode, of which, I good at. For a last minute tacked on feature not even made by the same developer, it was really fun.

What was special about these posts was they were the first to start giving me consistent views on my blog. I had other posts, but some of them went unread. My video game posts did well, so I started writing more about video games. It's a simple concept to grasp.

I'm not a video game developer. I like video games, but I don't want to always write about them. Writing and publishing are what interest me far more than video games, an original love, can ever do. The sweet taste of traffic drew me in, and that would be four views a day!

Today, my website brings in roughly 2,000 views a month. It used to be 1,500 or so, but writing a blog post every day as one of my NaNoWriMo commitments really rocketed things up. And if you don't think an additional 500 views is much, than you either don't know or forgot what getting no views a week feels like.

What did I do to get to this point? I blogged, a lot, like my last post concerned itself with. I did my best to blog once a week. When I felt up to it, two or three times, but I didn't want to get people used to that. It would only ever be sporadic. Slowly, I did open up to a more rigorous schedule. I now blog at three times a week on the weekends, with a post or two Monday through Thursday, and I can't say it's any harder than before, in fact, I would say it's easier.

I'm comfortable with my blogging lifestyle. Not every day can be about publishing, because publishing is a slow business, so there's not much to talk about multiple times every week. Of Note is once a month. And Weekend Musings can cover one topic in a variety of ways over three days. It's a pretty sweet deal.  

If you take anything from these Weekend Musings, let it be the confidence to just do it. The sooner you start, the sooner you realize what it is you want to share. If you don't, then there is no blog, there are no posts, and nobody knows what's going on.