Saturday, February 21, 2015

Weekend Musings: Blogs, Blogs, and Blogging

You're not going to get better at blogging by not blogging. That doesn't make sense. You're a crazy person.

After yesterday's post, you still don't have any idea how to blog? The world is a big scary place, so don't worry, I'm here with you. The best course of action to know what to blog about is to blog. Yes, you read that correctly.

When I first started posting, my subjects were all over the place. I used my blog as a place to openly express my ideas, no matter how many or jumbled they were. Posts would be about writing, my book, movies, video games, and short stories that didn't belong anywhere else. I kept this up for months, and in a way, I still keep it up.

My ideas naturally started to gravitate to refined interests. I started Of Note, because I was reading a ton of other blogs and news articles at the time. These were the same places I was bookmarking for future use, and if I thought they were useful, surely others would think so too!

Twitter, Facebook, and Google Plus exist to shares those links with others, but the problem is all those places fill up with noise. No one will be able to find those posts three months from now, let alone a year or two. My blog allowed for me to categorize them in a simple format, so that myself and others can easily find them.

Do you see how natural that was? And that took place over the course of months, and not two or three, but six months to a year. Don't go into blogging thinking it's going to be right the first time or the tenth. This is going to be something you have to work at and maintain.