Saturday, January 31, 2015

Weekend Musings: Tablet Thoughts

I want a new tablet. The other day I was stuck waiting around with nothing to do, so I pulled out my tablet to get reading on a book I need finished by Monday. The problem turned out to be I was having a difficult time seeing through the glare, even with full brightness, which I avoid any time possible.

The tablet isn't a Kindle or a Nook. It's not an e-reader of any kind. It's an HP Touchpad. You may remember, it was the tablet everyone wanted in 2011 when it was discounted to $99. It sold so bad, that HP just wanted to get rid of as much stock as possible to avoid warehouse costs. And I picked one up. My first tablet ever.

The HP Touchpad is nice. The screen is 9.7 in and a beauty to hold. I mostly use it for my Kindle app, which is the only e-reading app available. As you can see in the photo, it allows me to read a fair amount per page.

Nowadays it doesn't browse the websites too well. It doesn't have the hardware to keep up with a lot of pages, so it's slow and unresponsive most of the time. The screen resolution is what's bothering me. Text isn't completely sharp and can be a little fuzzy. I like to treat my eyes well, so I think the HP Touchpad has run its course.

The problem is, very few other tablets or e-readers have the size of the Touchpad. There really is something to having a whole screen with a bunch of text that feels good. I'm a fan of tablets, not e-readers. Outside of the Kindle Voyage, I've never wanted a dedicated e-reader of my own. Even the Voyage has a screen too small for my liking. It's claustrophobic, really.

Something about e-readers irks me. It's their display, I don't like it. Which is another issue, since their screens are easy on the eyes, and that's a feature I like. iPads can be too pricy, and other tablets tend to have glitches associated with them.

As you can see, this is a tough musing for me. I'm hoping the new crop of tablets this year, and even e-readers, will do something for me.