Sunday, January 18, 2015

Weekend Musings: I Need to Clean Out My Computer

I have less than 12 gigabytes on my hard drive. It's not a good feeling. My little HDD icon is all red, screaming at me to make more room, or else the fun ride is over. I guess I'll have to do it, but how do I choose?

A similar situation happened in the summer. Granted, it was for more selfish reasons. It was video games. I can't lie to you, you see right through me. You knew on the other end of that computer screen I wanted that space to waste away an afternoon and evening, instead of working on another story. Guilty as charged, but this time, it is for the stories.

I've been prepping work for my YouTube channel, which I won't link to, because it has nothing of use on it yet. What I learned from previous attempts a running a YouTube channel is HDD space is vital. And everything takes up double, because there needs to be a raw file to return to, as well as a final edited file.

I'm going to get to work and make some space. I should honestly just buy an external hard drive, but I can't be bothered to right now. It's much easier to just remove a ton of stuff instead.