Thursday, December 18, 2014

The Dragon's Tear and Never Giving Up

Good news, The Dragon's Tear has been updated, and for me, an author refresh. First, let's get into the book.

Anyone who bought The Dragon's Tear on Kindle gets the update for free, since they already own the book. It'll take two seconds, and the file will update itself, which is handy. This is a 7,000+ word update, including a redone opening, ending, two new chapters, and a number of miscellaneous fixes throughout the rest of the book.

The thought of reworking The Dragon's Tear happened in August. I had worked on a number of different projects, one of them being The Hunt, and I had learned a hell of a lot that I didn't know when I began. I wanted The Dragon's Tear to be the perfect entry way to The Hunt, and I felt I could do better, so I did.

I didn't want to lose the positives of The Dragon's Tear, which is mainly the pacing. Originally, the plan was to bump up the word count to 60,000+ to be considered a "novel" by contests. That didn't last long, because it would have been filler to add that many words to a 43,000 novella. Its final tally is about 51,000 and I'm happy for it to be there. It adds more to the world, more to the characters, and expands on a few key points I didn't feel were delivered well enough.

The physical copy will not be made available for purchase until the beginning of January. A number of changes have been made, but the biggest has to be its size. The original print was 6X9 with large font for easier reading. I wanted the story to feel unintimidating in terms of reading the actual page, and I wanted a big book.

Even back then, I knew that wasn't always going to be the size. The new dimensions are 5X8 and looks good. The cover art really pops out now. This size is also much easier to mail out for giveaways.

The biggest change is I'm exclusive with Amazon's KDP Select. I signed the three month contract again to only sell The Dragon's Tear on Amazon. It wasn't the easiest decision, as I do love some of the other retailers who are very indie friendly. They do a good job and I wish them the best, but I wasn't making any sales.

Most of my sales came when I was exclusive to KDP Select for my first three months, and when I jumped to other retailers, the majority of my sales still came from Kindle. I'm simply following where the readers are coming from, and the other retailers are anemic right now. This may change in the future, since Kindle Unlimited is pushing many author away with its royalty payout each month.

Speaking of, I'm on Kindle Unlimited! Go and rent my book. Is it called renting now? I have no idea.

I'm working hard on releases for next year. No specific dates yet. I'm planning a schedule to give these books the best opportunity possible. I'll talk more about this in January, because I'm going on vacation right now.