Wednesday, November 5, 2014

NaNoWriMo 2014: Day 5

My everything hurts right now. How are you holding up? Forget it, it doesn't matter.

We're five days in and have you explored all of the NaNo website yet? Let's not beat around the bush, I'm asking if you are an active member in your local NaNoWriMo region? Because if you're not, you should be.

One of the benefits of NaNo is you can meet fellow writers at local events. They're (mostly) nice people who love doing the same thing as you, which is writing stories. Municipal Liaisons are in charge of running meetings throughout November so that participants can meet one another. Isn't that nice?

It's been five days and if you haven't attended one of these meetings, then you're probably having some cabin fever setting in. I write with others once a week year-round and it really does help. It boosts my morale. It reminds me I'm not alone with this goal. And it helps me write more.

This feature will only be possible for the month of November. NaNo shuts down its website except for a couple of months, and honestly, November is the most active. I've seen Camp NaNoWriMo dead in terms of participation some years. 

The NaNo website is an invaluable tool, so use it.