Tuesday, November 4, 2014

NaNoWriMo 2014: Day 4

Right now we're all considering what in the hell did we got ourselves into. It's the fourth day and regret is slowly creeping into our thoughts. Fuck em. You're here, I'm here; let's slap each other on the butt and get pumped up!

Today's topic is about getting in the mood. Let's get sensual, or not, unless that works for you. Is it working for you? It's working for me right now.

  • Cofftivity is fantastic way to have that cafe atmosphere while being trapped in your own office. I personally work well in these types of environments because of the low noise. Something about it does boost my creativity in a way silence doesn't.

  • Listen to music, but avoid music with lyrics. I love singing, but understanding language takes up an active part of the brain. Don't double check that, just go with it. Listen to instrumentals of songs you like. YouTube some classical music. Just no lyrics.

  • Take thirty minutes and build your own little library of mood music. Tense or bombastic pieces for fight scenes, while slow and melancholy songs while writing dramatic reveals. It works.

If you want some suggestions, try some Johann Sebastian Bach. I don't like his music, I love it.