Saturday, November 29, 2014

NaNoWriMo 2014: Day 29

This is it, we're almost there. Tomorrow will be the last day of NaNoWriMo and the last chance to write as many words as possible to participate. I'll be saving all the encouraging talk for tomorrow's post, right now I'm going to inform you of what you'll be facing.

People are looking down on you. Writers, editors, agents, and probably your favorite authors. They think what you write is trash. You won't hear it said so bluntly, but it's there.

NaNo is word vomit. You heave, and heave, and heave some more until 50,000 words is spread across the floor. It's gross, it smells wretched, and even you look away at it in disgust. And the magic of rolling up your sleeves and using the proper supplies cleans the whole mess. That's called writing, and it doesn't change if you type a book in a month or over a year; the process is still the same.

The word vomit is beautiful. You're doing what so many people dream of achieving. What's discouraging is hearing from respectable figures that your work sucks, and possibly shouldn't be published. I wouldn't say that to someone else. You wouldn't say that if you met someone either.

What you'll receive is similar to, "Consider if you're story is truly worth sharing with others." which is the passive aggressive putting down of others. It sounds encouraging, "Maybe this isn't great, but from the practice you've receiving, the next thing should be totally awesome." but it's not.

Nearly everyone is going to tell you to find an agent for representation. Even the "moderate" authors will say to try the traditional route, and in case no one is interested, then self-publish.  I've sat at tables where agents talked freely to one another, and they have self-published and are self-publishing their own books. Why are they not looking for their own representation?

This opinion puts me in the unfortunate position of trying to sell you on self-publishing, which isn't my goal. I know self-publishing isn't for everyone. We exist in a time where publishing is working for the authors, not the other way around. There are many different avenues that will cater to what a writer wants out of their story. Whether it is the art of finding an agent and going for the big deal, or the enjoyment of experiencing every process of the publishing routine yourself,  find out what it is.

I don't care what you do with your story, just do something with it, and don't let others try to discourage you. You've earned that much.