Thursday, November 27, 2014

NaNoWriMo 2014: Day 27

I'm writing this post while I'm at work. As of this sentence, there is less than thirty minutes before the office closes.

Thankfully, I have the time and leeway to be writing on the computer, but I'll be honest, people think I'm more productive than a I actually am because I'm typing on a computer. I write while I work because there's little other time to do it.

When I get home, I'm tired, like everyone else. My focus is on my pets, a decent meal, exercise, and a mountain of other important tasks that need completing. The entire month I've been stealing time here and there to participate in NaNoWriMo, and I think this is the norm.

The ideal of staying at home or the desk for hours at a time to drill through writer's block or difficult situations is nearly a myth. We're not full time writers who's living revolves around the desk and word count, so that scenario doesn't concern us. What concerns us is what I've been harping on in the previous blog post, and multiple blog posts throughout the month, dedication.

I want this, more than anything. I want people to read my stories, I want to publish as many books as possible in a year in a variety of ways. Will it happen? I hope so, I strive for it to become a reality. And that's all of us this month.

There will be plenty of people trying to ride of this month's popularity to push their personal agendas on us. It will happen to anything that's trendy. We need to keep vigilant and remember why we're here, because we love the writing.

The act of seeing our characters and locations materialize in a semblance of coherency is thrilling. I can't get enough of it. That's probably a familiar statement to all of us who've tried explaining this month to friends and family.

There was an author who put me on this path by his down to Earth explanation of self-publishing and writing. He disappeared in the same way we all fear. His trilogy stopped at book one, his attention turned to a new unrelated series, and then he vanished. Some days I worry if that will be me. If this blog will stop updating one day, and anyone who reads this website will see no update for a month, a year, and then more.

One day it will happen, right? But not today. Today I'm writing my heart out, just as I was a year ago. Let's stick around for just a little bit longer. It isn't closing time yet.