Sunday, November 16, 2014

NaNoWriMo 2014: Day 16

People won't care about you or your writing habits.

When I went to a conference last month, one of the workshops dealt with how to let others know about writing time. What is basically boiled down to was, I'm writing, so give me my space. And anyone who's ever written will know, telling people doesn't work.

People don't care about a writing schedule or process. They don't care how long it takes, what it requires, or what it costs. All they want to see is a book they can hold, and that's it. Family, friends, it doesn't matter.

It's the reason writers have to be rude when it concerns their craft. What's more important: someone's feelings or productivity? Last I checked, creating a book is my greatest goal. I can't be an author if I don't have a book, so I need to write without interruptions.

The reason few people take this seriously is because they don't believe it to be a significant goal. We know countless people who embarked to chase their "dream" only to find out it was their fad. It can be the person's guitar which collects dust six months later, or the small business idea that never left the ground. We fall under the same category.

Writing is also easy, and free, and everyone thinks they can do it. Well, they can, but that's not the point. The point is there's little spectacle to sitting in front of a computer screen. There's no Academy Award winning score following our typing montage. We look like crazy people sitting in a room.

Keep your spirits up and your hands on the keyboard. It's halfway over and there's still work to do to show them we mean business.