Friday, November 14, 2014

NaNoWriMo 2014: Day 14

Let me explain where I was before taking this whole writing thing seriously.

I was aimless. There were very few things I can say I genuinely loved. Don't be that jackass; of course I loved my family and pets and normal things, but in terms of goals and what I wanted out of life, I had nothing. I was and still am a Biology major, except I wasn't crazy about it. Other people around the same time knew they wanted to be a doctor or a nurse. They had hundreds of hours in volunteer time, high grades since middle school, and I was nowhere near that.

Stories and writing were interesting to me. Daydreams were pretty common and I always wanted a way to share it with others. I had started learning about self-publishing and the waves it was making in the publishing world, and I was intrigued. This was something worth looking into.

What stood in my way was I wasn't like other authors. Some people started writing stories when they were twelve, or won high school awards; what I'm getting at is just like the aspiring doctors and nurses I was with, writers knew they wanted to be writers. I was twenty-two, with no credentials to my name, and no prior interest in this writing world. I lived in a part suburbia slash retirement town, and it sucked.

Do you know what types of programs and famous authors have come from the area? None. This place was like a black hole of nonstarter dreams.

I had been a fan of Egoraptor for years, all the way when he started uploading to Newgrounds. He was an independent animator with a fantastic sense of humor. One day, he put a request on his YouTube channel. He needed votes to get on a Sony's PSN reality-television show called The Tester. He won, and in the first episode I found out we come from the same hometown!

That may mean nothing to you, but for me, it was as if a potential of possibilities popped up and slapped me in the face. It was a jolting feeling that someone who I followed and enjoyed went to school ten minutes from me. It's an easy pit to fall into that others have had their futures pre-made for them, and in a few cases, that's correct.

What I learned is where I live doesn't have to  be a dead end. I'm the head of one of the biggest and most active writing groups in the county. Where I used to see nothing, I now see opportunities; if I don't, I create those opportunities. I don't know why Egorapter was a catalyst for it to happen. Maybe it's because I could somehow relate to his story and what he went through to be where he is now. Perhaps it's just nice to know the world is connected in a slight way.

I think it's because it was what we all need to hear. If we are passionate and work hard towards our goals, we can achieve them. It doesn't matter when we realize our interests, it matters that we do our best to fulfill them.

So thanks to Egoraptor, (I know it's super weird as he didn't set out to do anything I rambled on in a really pretentious way.) I know that.

I hope that my post helps you, the reader and cool-person NaNo writer, in some form.