Wednesday, November 12, 2014

NaNoWriMo 2014: Day 12

Don't worry about your word count, and more importantly, don't compare yourselves with other people. It's the definition of unhealthy.

I'm going to pick on famous authors, because that's an easy way to go about it. We all know about prolific authors and their amazing writing regiments. Stephen King and Brandon Sanderson are two popular examples living today. They put out multiple books a year with lengthy word counts. We talk about them, aspire to be like them (in our writing endeavors, of course), and generally praise their work.

Here's my anti-drug advice. You're not Stephen King or Brandon Sanderson, so do your best not to be like them. Idiot.

Stephen King says he writes about 2,000 words every day, which comes out to 720,000 words a year. As I stated in yesterday's post, that's in-fucking-sane. I don't know Brandon Sanderson's specific word count, but it's somewhere within the same range, maybe a bit higher, as he writes epic Fantasy.

Not everyone can keep up a schedule like that, and I think it's poisonous to assume we can. It's sort of like eating food with our eyes, and when it come down to chomping time, we can barely handle half the plate.

Don't put yourself to an impossible ideal with no shot of ever reaching it. Start small and work your way up. Plan your time wisely and in easy to manage chunks. It's easier and smarter to have three goals to complete each day, rather than one herculean task. Make it a blog post a day, or one day to write seven blog posts. Make it 500 words a chapter, with one chapter day. It's possible to write one full chapter a day, but doesn't it feel better to actually move forward?

Most important of all is be comfortable and happy with who you are. As I mentioned before, I write slow, so it can sometimes be discouraging to hear about people having written 120,000 words in month, and they're only halfway done with the manuscript. I do my best to block out that noise and focus on what I have right now. It's not a lot, but I'm incredibly proud of all my work. Stop people from trying to take that away from you.  

That's all for today's advice. Get back to typing you scallywags!