Saturday, August 16, 2014

Scheduled Break


The next few weeks I won't be blogging much. Some will say that's a return to form, I call it strategic napping. August has been an active month on the blog and I'm proud of the amount of posts that are written and scheduled for release. I'm not usually active on my site because of the changes to's layout, so I don't call myself much of a blogger.

As I'm editing this post to be published, five articles are scheduled for the second half of August. I think I have an issue about not letting go. The next couple of weeks will be pre-planned posts and not updates. To quell your insatiable appetite, here's some of the things for the foreseeable future while I'm away.

  • November is going to be a big month for me again. New book will be out with a certain special secret released at the same time. I'll most likely reveal these projects in October when they're finalized and ready to ship.

  • I will still be using WordPress for the coming months. I have said how much I want to leave and this was a hard decision to make to stay. WordPress has been paid for domain name redirecting until next February/March. What this means is I own my domain name, but WordPress charges $13 to link it to their services. The problem arises that all my Of Note articles posted online are directed at WordPress, so changing sites kills those links. In the Fall and Winter I will be crafting and setting up a new site. Slow and steady wins the race.

  • No promises, but I think I have a decent camera for the writing vlogs. I have a number of different YouTube projects that require varying amounts of time and concentration. Writing vlogs are low on the list, unfortunately. If things go smoothly they'll be worked on in September.

  • I'll be playing lots of Hearthstone. Seriously, it's a ton of fun and you should all try it out. It's free!

That's all for me. See you in September!