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Of Note (August 7th, 2014)


Everything listed here are articles I find of value. There is plenty information to look at and these are just a few I happen across. I highly recommend that if you like any information down below, you should follow and subscribe to their websites or writers. For more of these posts, click on the tag Of Note.

There are HOW MANY Obstacles on the Hero's Journey?!

Conflict is the driving force in a story. I remember reviewing a book with a major conflict problem; it didn't have one. It had bad guys, villains, people with malicious intent, but no real threat. In fact, the main characters were never in harm; I mean ever. Maybe a bruise or two. All this goes to show is a story needs conflict. It needs to make the reader become invested in what happens to its cast of characters as they go about their fictional deeds.

11 Lame Excuses That Successful Bloggers Never Make

Blogging is speaking your mind, and most people don't like to chime in. That's ok, I'm kinda quiet as well, but I don't let that stop me from putting my thoughts out there.  Take a look at the list. If one of those sounds familiar; get writing.

What Defines "Traditional" Publishing? What You Don't Know CAN Hurt You.

A great article detailing the differences in traditional and indie, and a cautionary look at what those terms mean. I work with several authors who have found some success in going with a smaller publishing house. It can seem in today's Internet™ discussions that all writing options are the Big Five or self-publishing. Try not to lose sight on all options.

When Can Coffee And Cinnamon Rolls Be Writing Fuel

I usually go for a nice ten minute walk when it's hard to come up with ideas. The idea of coffee and cinnamon rolls sounds better, infinitely better. I would have to do more walks to burn off the rolls, so I guess I'd get out more!

5 Indispensable Guides For Fiction Writers

We all need a road map from time to time to get where we need to go. In today's world, it's a GPS, because people don't really use maps anymore. Whatever, don't have this argument with me. You can be so confrontational. Just pick some of these up and always have them sitting on the desk in case of emergencies. It's like having a spare tire in the trunk.

How To Create Story Conflict

Look up to the first article. Do you like how I mentioned how conflict is important? I bet you did. If you're a little fuzzy on the specifics, give this a read.

The 8 Laws of Foreshadowing

Foreshadowing is something we all know of, but not quite sure on how to do it well. Don't worry, this article has you covered.

50 Book Awards Open to Self-Publishers

Earlier this year I looked at sending The Dragon's Tear out to some awards. I don't really think too highly in awards, but I liked the idea of my book being out there and working the nine-to-five. It turns out, there wasn't much out there; from what I found. This article lists 50, which is more than I could find on my own.

I am a Writer. Dammit.

I enjoy saying another phrase, "I am an author" because it gives the right kind of chills. What's the difference between me and someone published by Random House? It's nothing. Ninety-nine percent of the hardship is the same. I'll go so far as to say one hundred percent, but agents and publishing houses may have final edits take place. All in all, a negligible amount to a grand sum total of one percent. Don't let others try and steal this from you.

10 Things I've Learned As A Self-Published Writer

Time and experience changes people. Writing is a constant learning curve, and honestly, a life curve. It's a weird state where you just "know" things now. Ideals will be tempered by reality and there will be a clearer view of the future, as well as the past. This is a list for beginners that will nod their head in agreement with these assumption, and one where the experienced will know too well; no surprises here.

Book Reviews: Where do you get them and why do you need them?

I ran a giveaway for The Dragon's Tear in hopes of a review or two. Eight copies went out and not a single review was posted. I looked at online reviewers and found out most don't accept self-published titles. Book reviews are the most difficult, because there is nothing you can do to make it happen, unless you pay quite a bit of money. Try your best, but don't get too worked up over it.

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