Saturday, August 16, 2014

Let's Talk Of Note

I'm getting close to a year of publishing Of Note on my blog. By the time it reaches it's anniversary in December, there will be more than a dozen articles online. The additional articles appear because sometimes I'm in a good mood and publish two in a month! My stats tell me this is the big consistent draw in readers to the blog. Some have asked why I do this, so I want to write down the exact why for everyone to understand.

The core idea of Of Note is that if I get something out of an article, someone else out there will too. I read a ton of articles in a month; most of those I stop reading partway through for a variety of reasons. The most common reason for me is nothing worth saying is in an article. Perhaps it's apparent that the blogger is hitting a weekly quota, and they're just going through the motions. Sometimes it's plain old boring.

The next biggest concern is the writers of the articles get full credit and viewership. It's not nice to copy and paste someone's entire work on your own website, so that's why the links are front and center and I don't quote anything. A straight list is also boring to go through. I don't want anyone's eyes to glaze when scrolling the article. The happy medium I found is almost a response, like leaving a comment. Sometimes I want a response to be plain, funny, a hook to get someone to click, or a reason for a conflicting perspective.

I hate reading the same old thing. Same goes for foods, movies, music. I need variety in my life. Spiciness.  In Of Note, I put articles talking about blogging, writing, publishing, word counts, writing prompts, writers suffering from writer's block/life, enjoying a day outside, etc... These article that get featured are the most exciting to me.

The nature of the beast is that the articles will not always be there in the future. I recently went back to some early Of Notes and found dead links.  Sometimes articles are deleted or have moved to another domain. Either way it's inevitable that things come and go. I recommend searching through my Google Plus profile to locate any necessary links. I try my best to always tweet the articles I find, but it's tough to sift through my stream of consciousness. Twitter is the casual me, Google Plus is the author me, so there's a lot less doggy pictures to pass by.

I hope that clears a few questions up on what exactly Of Note aims to achieve. Go out and click on some links!