Sunday, August 31, 2014

A Small Important Update

I said in earlier in the month that I would be posting scheduled articles while I am away. Bad news, I've turned off the publish date on the last few before they went out. Good news, a new website is incoming. WordPress is trying to roll out a volunteer update to the site, but we all know it's only a matter of time before volunteer morphs into mandatory. I am switching to Blogspot (or is it blogger, I can't tell with any certainty), because I enjoy ease of use. The articles that were supposed to be out will be out when the new site launches.

Time frames are funny, so I won't be sure when that is. There should be little change to accessing the website as the domain name will be the same. It'll have all the articles, plus an improved search, a newsletter, and more author integration. Gotta love that Java support!

WordPress was great. I love the site and the ideals, but this new change is too much for me. Blogging isn't supposed to be confusing, and I don't appreciate the transformation that has taken place. I don't like being charged to use a domain name I own or for the many features that I consider basic, like font changes.

Anyways, I'm ending this post here. September new site. Count on it.