Monday, July 14, 2014

The Dragon's Tear and Libiro

The Dragon's Tear

For the rest of this month and the beginning of August, The Dragon's Tear will be sold on Libiro for $0.99, exclusively. I'm doing this because I like what Libiro is, an indie ebook store for indie authors. No other site will have this price, not Amazon, not Smashwords, not Nook. No one.

When I first heard of Libiro months ago, I was immediately taken in on their description. This wasn't like any other bookstore that praises indie authors, but keeps the front page loaded with big publisher books. This would be an avenue for readers to find exciting new title, and a place where indie authors got the respect and features that lack from other companies.

Let me rant for a paragraph on Nook. Barnes&Nobles is supposed to be the biggest competition for Amazon. They've done battle with their ereaders and their tablets, and both want the money being made by self-published authors. Where Amazon has given authors numerous features and marketing, Nook has done nothing of the sort. The reason why is simple, they're betting on big publishers to win out in the end, so they don't compete to bring any features to its users. 

Libiro is within the top three sites in what they offer to self-publishing authors. A 75% royalty. A site not crowded and bought by big publishers. The ability to run a sale for any amount and for any time; completely up to the author's discretion. When on sale, the book is put under a special banner on the front page! This doesn't take into account the other front page banners, such as best seller, most viewed, and store picked.

I place my novel on sale with Libiro to make a point. It's not enough to talk about having more options for self-publishing authors, it's about supporting more options. Diversity doesn't mean much if the alternatives want back the control they've just lost in the online space. Go to places that fulfill the need for true variety.

My stats have jumped up every month from my Of Note blog series, and my Google Plus receives plenty of views from other writers and authors. I feel many don't know what a site like this offers, because it's not a big name. It's not Amazon or Smashwords and other recognizable names. And that is exactly why I want to turn that perception around. 

Buy a book on Libiro. Upload your own book to bolster the library. Start a sale. Make it a grand gesture or make it a small one. A store like this only has as much life as what others put into it.