Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Not Happy With WordPress



I like my website. It's nice, simple, and easy to navigate. Honestly, there's no reason why it shouldn't. The main page is the blog roll and the other pages are about me and the books. What I liked about was the ease of use; the layout matched the insides. Not anymore, this blog host is a disaster.

Some point last week WordPress decided to spruce up the place, and in turn destroyed everything. I felt some of the extra features off made it a clear victor over Blogspot, but not anymore. If anything, Blogspot wins by supporting Java alone.

The word count is gone. Posts want to be published immediately, instead of safely going into drafts. No concise list by blog title, now I have to scroll through each post to find an older one. Have to click through three menus to find a post, instead of the one. Tags must now be selected from a drop-down menu, before typing can begin. It's a mess. always needed an update. It's daunting for a beginner to try this over Blogspot, but now it's a lesser. I stamp as trash as of this update. Use Blogspot. Use Use anything else at this point.