Wednesday, July 2, 2014

New (Old) Vlogs!


Let's cut straight to the chase, I recorded these vlogs weeks (months) ago. At the time, I expected to quickly edit them and upload to my author YouTube account; that didn't happen. I had most of them done, but I ended up procrastinating and waiting and eventually, they updates are out of date, and somewhat still up to date.  My experience with Smashwords is still valuable, and in the future, my content is going to reflect videos like that and my Amazon cover comparison.

Here are all the videos at once, because there is no need to string these along for several days. Sounds good? Good.

I do have another camera I can use, but the main issue is I have not set spacing. Some test footage has my forehead cut off, others had me stuck to the side. It's something I'm going to play around with and make a concentrated effort to increase the quality of visual production. It's easy to become tired and discouraged from inexperience, and the only way to improve is by more practice. It will be done.

I have to go, over and out.