Tuesday, July 29, 2014

A Miracle

The Dragon's Tear

The other evening I had some time to burn, so I started searching my novel in Google. The last time I did this was a few months after release, and it is surprising what some of the stuff the search engine spiders pick up. Weird sites that supposedly (???) carried my book, places that linked the cover around in no discernible shape or fashion, duplicates of my Amazon page. Funny stuff. When I tried it again this time, to my shock and surprise, Kobo is actually selling my book! Just a few months later than I submitted it to them!

I actually had a pretty long blog post in place of this, but I didn't want to ramble on a stupid topic. Short version (only version), Kobo may be delaying self-publishing titles from their marketplace by months at a time. I haven't seen any other articles or other authors talk about this, so I don't know how concrete of an idea this is outside of myself. Smashwords distributed my book to other sites who put them up within a few weeks; I don't know why Kobo would take four months.

It may have something to do with their little bit of erotica troubles? I don't know for certain, but something is up with Kobo. I don't like being missing from an important marketplace for no reason, or no good reason for such a period of time.

Anyways, glad to finally update my Book tab with correct links.