Monday, June 30, 2014

Review: Penny Dreadful's What Death Can Join Together

Episode 102

Here we are with Penny Dreadful's What Death Can Join Together following Closer Than Sisters. I'm going to spoil the end of my review, it's good. Hell, it's great. Ever the critic, I'm going to start with my negatives and move into the episodes many positives.

Let's touch on one sour spot, the criminal misuse of Abraham Van Helsing. The character is an icon in Bram Stoker's Dracula who influences our modern day vampire hunter. He's an old man who uses his wits to go toe-to-toe with Dracula. Here he's Mr. John Exposition; hello, how are you doing, see ya later! The entire character could have been transformed into a book that Frankenstein reads aloud.

Reeve Carney's portrayal of Dorian Gray finally gets his time to shine, outside of sleeping with the cast. It's not much of a change from the usual, except this time we start to realize why he's here.  We witness him put events into play and reveal a little about himself.  Yes, if you know the character you'll know his deal, but in the context of the show he's done little with his screentime.

What Death Can Join Together is a great episode 6 that should have been an episode 3 or 4. Our characters advance in a productive manner, the audience meets a physical threat and learn about this world. It ramps up the action, the stakes, everything that's been missing from the show since the first half of the first episode. The wheels may very well have aligned back on the tracks!

I highly recommend watching through until this episode if you were like me and wary of this show's destination. This episode is good to the point it is hard to describe without spoiling parts; and I know how people get about those DREADED SPOILERS! In all actuallity, it's difficult to point something out in this episode because it advances the plot in many little ways. I wag my finger at you, slow episodes 2, 3, and 4.