Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Of Note (June 24th, 2014)



Everything listed here are articles I find of value. There is plenty information to look at and these are just a few I happen across. I highly recommend that if you like any information down below, you should follow and subscribe to their websites or writers. For more of these posts, click on the tag Of Note.

20 Common Grammar Mistakes That (Almost) Everyone Makes

A writer's lifelong enemy, bad grammar. At no point does a book or an article release without one inconspicuous mistake attached to it. Recently, I opened up my novel to refresh on some descriptions, and I had an, "a" where an "an" should be placed; and this went through two editors! Brush up on your skills, be ever vigilant, and be prepared, some will always slip past.

Goodreads Strategies to Increase Sales

I find Goodreads to be a author's best friend, next to Amazon, of course. Any help I can find to increase visibility and traffic, I will spread here.

Top 3 Reasons Writers Should Keep Project Journals

I love journals. Sometimes, I go over to Barnes&Nobles and buy a couple, even if I don't have a use for them yet. I never know when a project will hit me, and I need a place to store all the information flooding my brain box. There's always the computer, but I'm not a fan of storing everything electronically. I'd rather have the creative leisure of a pen and paper to express my ideas. Moral of the paragraph, keep something around to write ideas in, because they go as quickly as they arrive.

Writer Survey Results

Amazing information to be found in here, while the sample size may be small, I feel it casts a rather accurate depiction of the truth. This is what we authors want to find and read, not the boring and time-and-tested old ways. Yes, there is always value in what has come before, we are living in a time of rapid growth and change. Read and become acquainted with the new world.

How to Make Money as a Writer (For Real!)

There's a good reason why people will tell aspiring authors to keep the day job, there's not a lot of job security in writing. Finding an audience, gaining an audience, and most importantly, making the dollar bills is one of the most difficult parts of the profession. If you want to know what's easiest, it's the writing. Doom and gloom aside, rituals and habits exist that maximize the chance of living the good life. This article touches on only a few of the factors, but it is always good to know what is required from us to achieve the dream.

How to Blog: Essential Do's and Don'ts for Author-Bloggers

More information for the bloggers out there. I get asked about blogging more often in the summer than any other time of the year. I don't know why, but it's a pattern. My advice of, "Start writing posts." never seems to hit the right spot, so I search out articles like these in the hopes that it answers any questions.

Why it took me Four Years to Complete my Book

The first book is always the hardest as an author. Everything has to be learned from the beginning, and that sounds kind of easy, until the realization of all the mistakes that follows learning anything sets in. The Dragon's Tear was written in nearly two year and it's not an epic by any means. The difference between a finished book and an unfinished collection of words is dedication. Some of us are blessed to have a lifestyle to write multiple books a year, and others a book every couple of years. The common thread through both of these kinds of people are they don't stop until the book is done.

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