Saturday, May 31, 2014

No Of Note for May

The Pain

My monthly Of Note series is one of the few reliable articles that brings traffic to my blog. An idea brought about to give others the same tools I use on a daily basis, in an easy to read form. I skipped out on the month of May, for good reason, life has been hectic.

Some would say that's not a reason at all, they can get karate chopped in the throat. All of May I was predisposed to getting a new job. One that will afford the expenses of this crazy lifestyle of mine, not only for this year, but the future. It will also give me enough breathing room to continue my writing schedule to write several books within a year.

Another big change that happened in May was the decision to release two novels instead of three. I discussed it earlier as a choice every author has to make at a point in their career. I imagine most people see a delay as a negative trait. We like to get our stuff fast and now. A planned delay gives a much needed buffer room for life.

There's a natural time delay in writing, editing, prepping, and release. That I didn't want is to go through that three times in one year. It's absolutely exhausting writing a single book, now times it by three. I'm still writing more than two books this year, but the third one will be set for early next year, so I can work ahead of time and not be a wreck about deadlines.

What's important about the choice of a delay is that it will happen eventually. At some point life will take over, and writing will take the back seat; for a little while. I'd rather that delay take place now, at the time of my author infancy, rather than during the expectations of three books a year. It'll be much harder to pull away a book when that happens.

That should clear up the lack of Of Note for May. Lots of things take place behind the scenes, and I'm naturally don't wish to disclose everything that transpires around me. I do promise one for June, so set those expectations!