Friday, April 4, 2014

Taking Breaks


I checked my word count on my manuscript, hasn't changed in two weeks. I checked my blog, it has updated, but it was a scheduled update, so I haven't been on for even longer. And you know what? Life is good.

The break I planned on taking was a weekend in length, and then a week, and it kept growing from there. What made it get like that? I learned an important lesson, did my homework, and tried my best to get an A on the test. The lesson was not to write, prepare to write, or even think about writing. It was an escape from that world, and in all honesty, very difficult at first.

My routine is to go through a story over and over until I pull out the best parts and sew them together. That's a lot of thinking on a story. I also have hours put away for just writing, so much that it knocks out any other leisure activity, like movies and television. Writing is what I'm good at, I know what I'm doing, I get plenty of practice, but it's crucial to just stop. Stop, for a period of time.

It's over and I experienced so much. Next time, I think I'll go fishing or something. Try and get more outdoors and away from anything with a roof.

I'll be updating my YouTube page more as well. When I switched internet service providers, the connection wasn't installed correctly, resulting in lower internet connection speeds. This made uploading videos take exponentially longer. A simple 3 to 4 minute vlog would take nearly two hours, and a Virtual Writing Group over half a day. That was simply not acceptable, so I left the channel alone.

Everything was nice, and in the future, I think I'll favor these small week breaks rather than the two month breaks I have scheduled. For clarification, I take two months off any serious writing after a novel. It's nice, it allows me to have some fun and lead a normal life for awhile, and I do some work that sustains this writing career, but it does have it's drawbacks (that I'm finding out now). I have to relearn how to concentrate for long periods of time. I know, weird.

So, yes, things will be back to normal. Blog posts, and videos, and lots of things coming soon. Later.