Monday, April 28, 2014

Of Note (April 29th, 2014)


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Ethics in Fiction: Don't Glamorize Murder

Fantasy has a terrible penchant for the wholesale murder of people and races in its stories.

The article struck a chord with me, because it's exactly what I'm doing in my stories; glamorization of murder, filth, and in general, bad things with bad people. It's nice to know there are other people out there who share my reservations about the normalcy of ideas that stories, and in my case, Fantasy, bring across.

Must a Writer Go Hybrid for a Higher Income

It's interesting to see the progression of discussion when it comes to how writers can earn income. The past few years have been the big debate on traditional and self-publishing, the great divide. Either one or the other, the few voices of compromise of the "Hybrid model" were not present, because even as sound as it was, the traditional establishment was not keen on the self-pub exodus. Any self-published author heard the same thing when wanting to shop around a specific novel, "Don't mention you've self-published in your query letter, unless you've seen massive sales." And now the times are changing, and the stigma is fading, slowly.

Productivity Tips for Freelancers

Time is money, and time costs time, so it's important to make sure that we're making the best use of our work time. Here are some phenomenal tips to get the productivity going!

How to Make Writing Time Magically Appear When You're Pretty Sure You Have None

There always seems to be time for things that are not called,"Writing" and not only is there time, but they're also numerous. To be fair, that's not so different from exercising at the gym. At first, finding time to exercise is a hassle and gym rats look to be crazy obsessed people with how much it consumes their life. Then we practice, practice, and practice some more, and then we heap more practice on top of all that practice, and before we realize it, we are the crazy obsessed people we made small jokes about. The time is there, we just have to go for it.

The top ten books on writing that'll make you a better writer

The best way to know you're improving your writing, is to look at your work and know it sucks. No one starts perfect, so don't expect those first sentences to move someone's soul to tears, or have them in stitches from that well-timed joke. You see that article right above this one? Do that, and read, because as writers, reading is practice.

A Free Way to Promote You Books via Createspace

You may be experiencing a slight case of Déjà vu, but don't worry, that's because I had a post talking about this article. It's fantastic advice that I've taken, and wanted to make sure this was in Of Note, so it wouldn't be lost in the confusion.


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