Friday, April 11, 2014

Jack Taylor: The Guards

Jack Taylor on Netflix


One of the activities I relaunched on my break was watching movies and tv shows. It can seem weird, but it's one of those things that simply stopped in my schedule. In between work, and writing, other social obligations, I didn't want to spend additional hours in front of a screen watching stuff. Stuff is a great word, because in the fog of Netflix, we tend to take more chances on what we view. It's a good and a bad thing, with a much heavier emphasis on good, but I wasn't feeling like taking that chance for a very long time.

Most people can't live without "binging" on shows now, I very well could. The one thing I feel guilty about is missing my sports, especially missing the plentiful Heat games. Let's not think about that. So I took a chance on Netflix and picked Jack Taylor. I'm a fan of Iain Glen, and this looks like an Iain Glen-fest.

Jack Taylor is a detective series (I like detectives!) that follows titular Jack Taylor (That's Iain Glen!) with his best Irish accent solving crimes (The drama!). How the first episode? Not so hot. Sorry, but it wasn't. I'm a fan of slow burn stories, and this was slow enough to put the flame out. Not only that, I ended up guessing everything that was coming ahead (except a really out there twist), because of how long everything took. I can see this story being much better as a novel than miniseries, and I'm not giving up on it(Because Iain Glen).

Let's chalk up the episode, "The Guards" to a bad first script. Hey, it happens. I can be a pretty open-minded kind-of-guy, so bring on episode, "The Pikemen".