Thursday, April 17, 2014


If you've followed me on Google Plus, you probably don't follow me on Twitter, so it might come as a bit of a shock that my updates on each social media platform are radically different. Google Plus is where I like to have discussions and socialize with other writers, so you see me post writerly things and stuff. Twitter is much more relaxed, and Twitter followers see more of my leisurely exploits. I don't talk video games on my blog as much lately, but that's changing today.

Here is an official update on a video game podcast I run, called Flashcasts. They are podcasts with a one-on-one focus under a ten minute time limit, usually with the HandsomeFatMan himself.  The idea is that two people try to get to the center of a discussion, or expand it, as quickly as possible with the given conditions. It's sorta interviews, sorta soapbox, pure dialogue. Sometimes it's a serious piece affecting video games, such as the controversial YouTube Content ID system; sometimes it's goofy, like the Furry episode.

This is all my side-stuff, and I'm still working hard on getting these novels out this year. Speaking of, I have to get back to my word count.