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Of Note (February 6th, 2014)

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Self-Publishing vs. Traditional Publishing: An Honest Experience

The choice of traditionally publishing or self-publishing is likely to be the biggest ordeal for a new writer, and it is important to weigh both costs. I chose the self-publishing path at the moment, but that is for a whole host of reasons, and it those will differ from person to person.

Brave New Bullying: Goodreads Gangs, Amazon Attacks -- What Are Writers to Do?

Bullying is serious when it comes to writing. I really have had no experience in it, so read Kristen Lamb's fantastic post about it. A great read on the reality of the situation.

6 Thoughts on Writers and Word Counts: Frenemies Forever

I had an English professor tell me to never think about word counts. Don't even look in the corner for a peek. The obsession with word count can cause one to forget quality in hopes of reaching an arbitrary number. It is why The Dragon's Tear is 44,000 words. I could have padded it out, but I felt the length was just right for what I wanted to tell.

A New Year and a New Start? No thanks

I'm not a big fan of fads, and New Year's Resolutions are exactly that, fads. Any significant change is going to be a permanent or long term commitment. It is why when I started writing, I never stopped.

Writers in the Cloud

When I first started writing, everything I wrote I put in Google Documents. It allowed me the functions of a word processor, with the ability to never lose anything, mostly. Computers can fail for a variety of reasons, and losing months of work is a crushing feeling. With Google Docs, it never moved, as long as I could remember my password. The biggest drawback is needing an internet connection at all times, but what can you do?

The Stupid Mistakes New Authors Can Make... Yes I Made Plenty!

A lot of advice we receive goes in one year and out the other. It's something natural that happens to us, because sometimes all the good advice in the world doesn't beat experience. Are there things that we can easily avoid? Sure, the list names some of them, but what's most important is to not let anxiety take over progress. Do stupid mistakes, learn from them, and don't do them again. It's the best kind of advice out there.

David Mamet's brilliant memo on drama

David Mamet's works are brilliant, and this little snippet of his behind-the-scenes mindset is a must read for anyone interested in fundamental storytelling.

Fast-Paced Best Seller: Author Russel Blake Thrives On Volumes

This is the stuff legends are made out of, 25 books in 24 months. If anyone wants to make it in the world of being an author, they need to know how to write, and to write consistently. A book a month is excessive, but it is the right idea.

Rewriting Step One: Admit You Have A Problem

My personal take on a project is I don't start it in earnest, unless I am fully committed to it. Last August, I had a manuscript I worked on and put away in a drawer. This is something I do with every manuscript, I write up to 10,000 words and see how I feel afterwards. Am I ready to continue? Do I want to? Only when the answer is, "Yes." do I start on word 10,001 and beyond.

4 Reasons Why We Should Stop Comparing Ourselves To Other Authors

A common flaw in comparing ourselves with famous and critically-acclaimed authors, is that we compare to their latest works. Someone throwing darts at a dart board for twenty years will be better then someone who's only done it for twenty days; writing is the same way. If anyone has to do it, make sure to compare against an author's first novel. They tend to be weak in several areas. Authors know this, it is why in each subsequent novel there is a drive to improve.

5 Great Writing Books You Never heard Of

Self-editing for Fiction Writers: How to Edit Yourself Into Print is a book I own, and highly recommend for others to do the same. Phenomenal advice to always have on hand.

Smashwords Year In Review 2013

Smashwords always has the most interesting looks on the publishing industry. The vast amount of research they pull out is amazing, and the year of 2013 was no different. This year is going to be a big one, if not the biggest one, for the book industry. Are ebook sales going to slow down considerably? Stagnate? Reverse? Will the amount of retailers who give new authors ample room to find their audience? I'm excited to find out and experience it firsthand this year!

7 Blog Posts For Writers

For us writers, blogs are invaluable. Here is a nice list of varied content to read through.

Don't Anyone Put Me In Charge

I love Hugh Howey. It's nice to see him do well, and be such a positive force for the self-publishing community at the same time. There's not much more to add. Another excellent read.

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