Saturday, February 8, 2014

Novel Price Drop

The Dragon's Tear

I have dropped the price of The Dragon's Tear from $3.99 to $2.99 for February and beyond. This is to commemorate I am no longer exclusive to Amazon Kindle, and I will be taking my manuscript elsewhere, namely, Smashwords.

There are no hard feelings between myself and Amazon, in fact, the opposite, Kindle is a dream to use and work with. Amazon has shown they have taken every measure to make the author feel welcome and confident in their choice to self-publish. From uploading, to editing, to reviewing, to the reports, and multiple sales; there is a reason why Amazon is the king of the market. What has sparked my leave was my three month exclusive contract has ended, and that it that.

I could always reapply and make The Dragon's Tear exclusive for an additional three months, but we live in a digital age, and there are e-readers outside of Kindle. People pick up books using their iPads, their Nooks, their Kobos, and with a digital product, it doesn't cost me to put it online. Every sale on Nook or iBooks would not have translated to a sale on Amazon; it's as simple as that. Even if it's one person, that's an additional reader who wouldn't have existed if my novel was stuck in one place.

The reality of a self-publishing author is a harsh one. Sometimes the tough decisions need to be made, and that includes a price drop. The reason self-publishing rocked the industry was the fact that so many authors were undervaluing their work. This led to a devaluing of books themselves, normally priced between $10-$20 were all of a sudden down to $0.99-$2.99; hell, sometimes free. What authors managed to do by depreciating books, was they shifted the power from traditional publishers to themselves; a trade-off of sorts.

Self-published authors have to be aggressive, there is no other lifestyle. We live in a market that is asking for us to justify our books against all others on a daily basis. Agent, editors, and many more who make their living with traditional publishing look down upon and fear our new market. Pressure exists everywhere, so we must do our best to adapt and overcome it. A $2.99 price is just another way to survive in this new world.

Enjoy the new price on whatever tablet is your preference.